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by | Jul 23, 2017 |

Reuven random expression !

it had being some time to upload expression for his stickers and randomly we just snap and taken his fun and explosive vibes! haha Kids are really magic ! 🙂
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reuven Random expression (Give rather than owned)

5 days ago reuven started his 'sticky' to me again . Haha He has a cancer horoscope . So yes his emotion is a roller coaster. He don't even let me step out the house and wherever i go , he will follow me . 🙂 The 1st day, he did that ,  I change my...
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time Flies -Reuven Completed K2

time flies, Reuven completed his K2, i just managed to know i am able to access the photo attendance! haha ya ya, last day of sch, to see the whole year attendance! . it become a memory or footprint of almost our daily photo shot, it wa really cool and...
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