Today is another bonding day with Reuven. Play bubble with him and wrestling and…
And today he said something that is funny too . I ask him ..
Papa: u want rice or Mac ?
Reuven : macDonald
Papa : Rice better rite ?
Reuven : noo! The rice is closed.. ti ti ti as he express with his hand lower down . I have a good laugh . And give in..
Then while wearing shoes , we Don know What lead to this,
Then reuven said
Reuven : Daddy my best friend you know.
Papa:… smile and lost of words…
And I take a picture (buddy picture where he cross his arm on top of me ) .. heart melt many many… Papa:… smile and lost of words…

Today Reuven first time feed me ice cream. Lol .In the Mac, this is the first time I ask him to wait for me at the seat as I placed order. He really sit and wait for me. There was a family of 5 side opposite us , 2 daughter and 1 son have some engagement with Reuven . The parents comment Reuven are very adorable and don move around. Very nice and she is surprise to hear Reuven is only three. 🙂 feel proud of him.
He finish the nugget and corn.


And Reuven first time feed me ice cream with his own initiative . Gosh.. 🙂

Now think back also guess the reason why lately we send him to sch , he cried and want me go sch with him..