Today after my last appointment of the day, it is time to bring reuven for a swim. As i being wanted to plan to bring him for the past week and i am too busy to get away for his swim. Today i must realise it.

When i put on the float on him, think the air not sufficient, or maybe he is too big, the float is like not able to give a good support, i blow in more air , it help a little and i saw reuven also trying to adjust himself on the float to stay balance. After a few try, he is good to go and kicking  to move off. And the float is steady. 🙂

Today try a few time for him to be under the water , think need a  few more times then he will get use to it on holding breath.

He also remember when he was younger, i pretend i am a shark , swim underneath the water. He keep ask me go under.. Lol

Playing , splashing, jumping  and walking in wading pool. Haa..

He also make new friends in the pool and bump into our neighbour too at the pool too.

i am sure tonight he will have a good sleep after those kicking exercise. 🙂

tomorow a long day 🙂