Yesterday stay over at my dad place as he requested this morning then come back for sch.

he did not pay much attention of going to K1. He only ask when he will be in K1 , something like ” am i K1 already?”


Before on the way to school, take a pic together (his new bag not yet here) and he was smiling. As we are getting nearer and nearer to the new class. his face start to be worry as i told him the class are at different location and a different teachers.

reach to the Door,  and not his favorite daily teacher received him, he broke down.

i tell the teacher give me a min as i talk to reuven while he is crying.

Daddy ” why are you crying?”

Reuven ; he just continue…

Daddy : ” Not to worry, just let it out ya” it is ok to cry. the teachers are nice over here and all your friends are still the same as N2. it is just the classroom has changed.

Reuven : “ok” nodded. still crying.

Daddy : ” you are a brave boy, and i am sure you be ok, and later after school , tell me more about in sch today ok ? ” 🙂

Reuven : “ok”

i could tell he is ready and i give him a tight hug and kiss on your cheek, and high five and fist five before i left.

Reuven , daddy also feel ache, i know this ache will let you grow and more  independent. i am happy that i make the right choice not to change your school for your kindergarten and enviroment.  you are doing fine and soon you will run and tell me all your individual adventure and stories to papa. love you my son. 🙂