last Friday evening, get a call from school that reuven is running a fever and he is lethargic. Β the teachers are really kind and nice as they really take care and monitor him. update me while i am on my way to school pick up him. blessed. πŸ™‚

when i saw him, he is really like no energy and sick look… immediately after that bring him to see a doc.. went to three clinic even take bus out to another neighbourhood, all clinic are closed. zzz… but i keep myself cool. soon will all be good. then bring him to see a PD where i don’t really favour to go as i don’t have good experience with that clinic.

in the end i pay $104 for the consultation and the medicine. to be honest, the experience is still the same.

sun morning, he is like back to himself again. energy full ..


then we went to market for lunch..

so being watching him at night for temperature and taking care of him, and manage my work. his fever both side armpit always different and his body always so hot.


then go and buy barley and ling yang ( where he most dislike) , lol. he hate most… haha…. but he know daddy effort so.. of cos need chanting and …. shag…

watching him middle of the nite when he sleep. i enjoy seeing him sleep. it is so… sweet. never fail to bring a smile in me πŸ™‚

Sat then suddenly his stomach flu get worst, diarrhea and flu and cough come. i was thinking that time the PD doctor i tell him that might be stomach flu as she know got air in his tummy. why she did not prescribe? in the end have to carry and walk along to guardian to buy medicine as sunday no doctor..

in the end carry him , make my back ache agian and also lead to gastic … i know is coming quickly take medication.. and reuven know i am pain.. πŸ™‚


then before his sleep, we play Ig for a while, his favorite…

but all good after the last nite , 39.2 then , all clear. . πŸ™‚ after all these, he express more closer to me. πŸ™‚ think all good.:)