Today was Reuven perform with his class (speech and drama ) , Lion Roar story.  Reuven share with me they take about 20 weeks to learn this. when i step in to the class, he was so happy and keep searching for me when i change seat. : )

There comes the Elephant, Zebra, Giraffe and Owl. looking at them, so adorable, just feel so warm when see them doing the the play. 🙂

i literary like this roar roar roar alot….  🙂


Video the whole play and i can see all of them really enjoy each other company and have alot of fun in the play. they start to take some picture and this remind me when i was K1 i also have some picture with my friends too but i cant remember some of their name already.

just hope when.. so  they grow up, they still can keep in contact. 😉

decided to go Northpoint to have some nice food with Reuven to celebrate with him. he choose ramen and we share a drink with two straw together. haaa… he is really a boy who is very expressive.

of cos bring home with a ‘trophy’ and brighten his smile and ‘ge do’ me. lolx

he said to me ‘ Daddy , sorry that i keep spend your money…

Daddy : it is ok 🙂

Reuven : as long i am happy ?

Daddy : smile , yes and i Love you . 🙂

Reuven : i love u daddy : )

On the bus to the way home ,

Daddy : Buying a present is not to trade you being a good boy or a task , is i love u and i want u to be happy. and you being a good boy cos it is is good and it is something daddy love and everyone likes too. 🙂

( when u grow up and u see this , just want to tell u my boy, when i saw your happy and smiling all the way, things i do for you , i really feel happy and speechless ) . 🙂 thank you my boy. 🙂