Reuven follow me to run some errands and we are just near by the the prudential Carnival. so we just ‘Let’s go”. 🙂

while walking towards the carnival, keep disturbing reuven . haha…

try all sort of games to win the big prizes , think daddy need to work harder. haha. 🙂


this is the easiest game and just need pure luck to fish it the big number .

reuven said he want to ride this thrill ride . i was stun.

Daddy: Are you sure?

Reuven : jumping . YES!

Daddy: if half way u want to stop , it can’t ya cos the boat will keep rocking till times up, once we up there no turning back.

Reuven : yes !

hahah here we go ! 🙂


then of cos not forgetting take some fun shot


UFO bumper


fairy tale – remind him about the cinderella he have watched recently.

Some games are hard to win, like this one . lol , want to win for him the Pawpatrol also so difficult.


Then there was a game we throwing for the angry bird soft toys. apparently hard to win the grand prize. then reuven was so angry and sad, he burst out.

Daddy : cool down , hush hush

Reuven : /// take a while to cool himself

Daddy: hush hush ya i know i know. hush. Daddy try his best . most important is we enjoy the game together 🙂

Reuven: i still want the angry bird

Daddy  i know you do , just that this is a game , sometime we can win sometime we lose, it matter we have the laughter . hush hush ya. we can play other game, like fishing. u like too 🙂

Reuven : knod his head and we move 🙂

in my heart, also feel sad for him, guess this is one of the life experience to learn about disappointment in life.  how to overcome it. Life sometime we have to experience it, the more we understand and see life in a simple way and less expectation , we feel life lighter. jia you my boy. 🙂