it is being a while did not capture these beautiful memory of reuven. lifeDay , Reuven grow up really quickly, and the most amazing part is finally my approach finally make him more understanding. now he less grumble and taken responsibility of his stuff.. his school work, his toys m, his room, and things in the home we are part of it and he is willing to take up and understand about what is good and bad.

the other thing of cos kids at these age always like said opposite, like u ask him something , he will said opposite, this is the playfulness of this age i guess, however , i share with him some values and tell him to express what he really feels, and understand why he will always said opposite, things changes and he start to express more and more what he really think and feels.

Reuven i just want to tell u, daddy not asking you to be perfect, perfect in one thing without understanding and follow it , it is blind. Daddy want you to understand about life, life is about value being accounting for yourself and showing loves and respect to ppl. just make an effort each day, and daddy knows you are a great man and better than me . 🙂


and yesterday, Reuven start to use chopstick to eat his ramen, as i was shock, all along he did not use it after all, and he manage to use it in some way. 🙂 too bad my phone not batt only manage to take 1 pic where he is playing with it already. hahaha…


my Boy, daddy always feel proud of you and keep on challenge yourself and improve. you will know life is amazing 🙂

love you my boy

🙂 Daddy 🙂