Yesterday went to bird park with reuven. Although it is a gloomy day. I wish that all will be well and also an experience no matter what happen.

He was pretty excited as we are on the way. Wanted to keep the sign of the the bird park while we on the way. This remind me when I was young also look out for the sign .

I try to make it interesting but saiding we should have a checklist ( from P. Pig story) then we will be excited where we visiting. However downpour came and we happen to sit on the tram for a ride. Not able to capture all the checklist .
However we do enjoy the ride getting wet on a tram. Haha it was still fun .

Then rain stop , we manage to watch the bird show that was pretty entertaining. Laughter fill up .

We also have a snack of Pizza after that , and try to catch the eagles show in the end rain… And we are trap in a shelter.

Then I ask him. If u don want to wait, we can walk under the rain, stay under my bag . Then he exclaims yes !

Haha ..
Then we walk half way.
He said . Daddy daddy walk under the rain. Also feel good rite. Haha..

When we walk halfway, the bird park staff pass us an umbrella. 🙂

It was all good . And it was a fun trip indeed 🙂