it is the 1st time reuven visited the science ctr. i remember when i was young , i really enjoy science ctr when i was in pri sch, still have those half year pass and will pay a visit anytime.

as now i know reuven are full of curiosity, always would like to stretch and mind about why why why and feel feel feel whenever he find it amused or interesting. so i decided sci centre was a good choice .

the spinning wheel was his favourite, as he can see the floating object after staring at the wheel for  1 min. he was really amazed and excited and keep asking me why is it so .. hahaha…

and the laser quest. was cool too, he wanted to play, but he was frozen, in side the beam as he watch too much miles as he afraid the beam will hurt him. . haha so adorable. .. and he has the courage to complete it and we did it together like conquest it . hahah

it was really a fun time in science ctr.:) hope you enjoy my boy 🙂