5 days ago reuven started his ‘sticky’ to me again . Haha He has a cancer horoscope . So yes his emotion is a roller coaster.

He don’t even let me step out the house and wherever i go , he will follow me . 🙂

The 1st day, he did that ,  I change my schedule and company him , the 2nd day he did it again ,he used all his way to make me stay.

My parents ask me just leave him, he will be ok after u left but I don’t like this. I like to see his energy , his emotion are stable before I leave. I will try my very best to do it. This remind me when he was in k1 , where he also started to cry and don’t feel comfortable when i leave . , teacher will try to help and pull him in , where I ask the teacher to give me a min and I talk to him. Then this 1 min was rewarded with a  more strong and feel secure reuven and he do it for daddy and him .

Back to the recent incident where he don let me leave.

i have a good talk of 45 mins I sum up

Reuven : I just want to follow you
Daddy : you are my precious boy , you are always with me , and everyday I will come home . No matter what happen .

I just want to follow u .

And he keep crying.

Why are u crying ?
Cos I want you.

Daddy sure bring you go if you are keen in this however….

and I know u will be bored and u will be restless and daddy feel guilty on this .

Did daddy spend time with you ?

When we spend time , if whole day we are together and doing nothing , you like it ?

Just like we watch the Ralph break the internet,
U see Ralph and the little girl story, best friend are to give and not to own.
Just like the little girl want to do something that she like and Ralph eventually know what is happiness is about. That giving is more happier than owning .

Of cos other than this , there are other things that are mentioned.

And I am doing what I can for reuven to spend quality time with him . I know after the time we have , he will said daddy I love you, thank you Daddy for spending time with me . And I thank him for being so sweet and considerate.

And I know he understand the principle that I want to give to him…

And yesterday he follow me to appt , and of cos, I will let him have some fun after that .. Haha.. Then randomly in the train while laying on my leg… He said this .. And I capture in the video …


He literally melt me … and make my eyes … whenever I think of this and .. just lost of words.

Daddy so proud of you and I love you my boy. My buddy / my bro/ my son