his very first day of school, as his daddy abit anxious and excited about his 1st day of school. looking at him on his school uniform , he is so cute and ham. just got a feeling awww, another milestone, growing up ! 🙂

We take bus to to his sch and the moment we reach the hall, he was assign to sit into his class and parents have to sit behind the hall. i am surprise he did not make any cry or scene. i would said about 95% of children are similar , i guess those K1 and K2 days have well prepare them to be independent .

then he was buying food in the canteen , without me as he was separated away from me initially and from far i saw him talking to the food stall aunty. then he was struck there for like 3mins , i walk towards him and stand behind.

AUnt : $1,20 for the chicken rice

Reuven : erhm,, aunty , i think i short of abit, ( he smile smile and give those best smile awards to the aunty ) i saw liao i am laughing and also feel happy that how he manage it . then of cos daddy come to the rescue , and pay the chicken rice for him. he is so blur, he did not check the dollar note section and thought he don;t have enough hahaha…

then  i am able to see where is his class and he sitting  and we take some memory pics in the school . i know he will love this sch . our School . 🙂